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Marin Business Banking Bio

Mattheau is Marin County raised.  He and his wife Isabelle of 13 years and their 9 year old son Xavier, have resided in San Anselmo for 12 years. They believe in continuing to support the Marin County small business community in the same amazing way that they have been supported with their Autistic son Xavier. They choose to invest their time in raising the acumen around an Autistic household and separately, a general better understanding of how to leverage business credit to a families advantage.  Welcome in being introduced to the Faithauer family.


Mattheau founded his company "Marin Business Banking LLC" in 2019 with the intention of continuing to provide guidance to the business community on how to properly structure their business banking services platform. Having served through Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America and Union Bank, Mattheau is passionate about creating transparency around all of the ancillary business services we use today. Mattheau is also an 13 year commercial lender and strives to unveil the curtain and misconceptions around the underwriting process so that the business community has a much more profound understanding of how the lending process works. Mattheau is well versed in both conventional and unconventional commercial lending plus SBA lending practices. Mattheau's true passion is around educating business owners on the importance and significance of the separation of personal and business credit so that they remain two distinctive and different scores. This truly ensures the preservation of both individual personal and business credit scores which serves in protecting a business owners families and their personal assets. Mattheau continues to serve on the board as financial adviser to several local non-profit and foundational organizations and is always looking to give back to our Marin County community in as many ways possible.

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